Yerba Santa

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Yerba Santa

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Yerba Santa means "holy herb" in Spanish, and the properties of this incense are proof that this name was somehow earned.

Incense has been used in their practice by Native Americans for centuries, and we Europeans were introduced to it through the early missionaries who visited America.

At that time, they were so enthusiastic about the herb and its use in incense that they named it Yerba Santa and introduced it to our culture. It thus became one of the three sacred herbs. It was mainly used to treat respiratory diseases.

Yerba Santa incense is used when we want to connect with our true "ME", with our inner spirit. So if you struggle with moments when you feel like you've completely lost yourself — light this incense.

Yerba Santa heals body and spirit. It neutralizes all the harmful energy around us and helps us gain strength and courage for life's challenges.

This herb is also associated with the heart chakra. With Yerba Santa, we relieve the heart chakra of ailments, pain and suffering.

Product features

  • Organic Yerba Santa ( Eriodictyon californicum) , sustainably grown and harvested in California,
  • The roll measures approximately 10 cm in length,
  • Suitable for repeated use.

Instructions for use