3x Palo Santo

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3x Palo Santo

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This special offer contains three top quality Palo Santo sticks.

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo or "holy wood" originates from South America. With it, we remove negative energy and stress from the room, while at the same time bringing good energy and creativity into the room. In South America, it has been used this way for thousands of years. Why shouldn't we discover these magical properties of Palo Santa?

Product features

  • High quality Palo Santo wood.
  • Sustainably grown in Peru.
  • The dimensions of each stick are: 10 cm x 2 cm to 3 cm.
  • This package contains three best quality Palo Santo sticks.

When the Palo Santo tree or branches fall to the ground at the end of their life, growers let them rest and dry for another five to seven years. It is precisely this rest that allows the wood to develop the characteristic smell we know today.

Palo Santo from Your Soul Time is protected in exactly this natural way, with respect for nature.

Instructions for use

Light the Palo Santo stick gently and slowly over the flame. We recommend lighting it over a candle flame. Direct ignition with a lighter is not desirable because it introduces unpleasant odors into the process. We want the ignition process to be natural, as it was done thousands of years ago.

When lighting Palo Santo for the first time, let a small flame form. It is important not to blow out the flame. Shamans believe that by blowing the flame out of your body, you lower and extinguish your soul. Therefore, we prefer to turn the Palo Santa stick vertically upwards (so that the flame is on the upper side), where it will naturally extinguish itself and begin to emit a pleasant and extremely relaxing scent of sacred wood.

If the flame does not go out by itself, wave a stick in the air to blow the flame out with the wind.

Energy cleaning of the room

We walk around the room with a smoking stick and make slow circles with the stick as we walk. This extends the smoldering and life of the Palo Santo smoke.

If we want to cleanse the room of negative energies and attract good energy, walk with incense over all the corners of the room and gently envelop the room in smoke. Then place the stick in a fireproof container and let it go out on its own.

Don't worry, the stick will not burn to the end, you will be able to use it for a long time.

Increasing creativity

Palo Santo is also considered a great way to increase creativity. This wonderful gift of nature is used by many creative people who light incense when they need an extra boost and creative energy.

Bring the Palo Santa stick into the space where you will create. Light the stick slowly, wait for it to burn gently, then extinguish it as described above. Place it next to your workspace in a fireproof container and enjoy the pleasant fragrance.

Enjoy the wonderful fragrances

Light Palo Santo whenever you need additional inner peace or just want a pleasant atmosphere at home. Let the magic of sacred wood enchant you.